hire people. not paper.

Get the data to know which candidates will be a culture add and get the job done, so your hiring team can reach a better consensus faster.

Data to help you make the right hire, every time.

Tell day100 your ideal candidate’s skills and about the team’s culture and environment. Our algorithm learns from you and sets up a benchmark that is used to evaluate your candidates, ranking them and highlighting the best-fit candidates.

The data-driven dashboard saves time in selecting the right candidates, reduces bias in the hiring process and helps you avoid making a bad hire.

Using data that is actually useful.

Get objective insights from candidates' self assessment and their references using our research-backed online questionnaires that cover hard skills, soft skills, personality traits and workplace environment preferences.

day100 gives you skills and culture-add insight, allowing you to engage with your candidates on a deeper level.

Does a resume do that for you?

Does a resume do that for you?

How to use day100

Choose where in your hiring process day100 fits best. The earlier, the better.

Screen candidates upfront

When candidates apply, day100 allows you to automatically ask them to provide a self assessment and/or their references online. This saves you time, gets you key insights upfront and helps you easily identify the best-fit candidates that you should interview.

Enhance your interview process

You can use day100 after an initial phone screen or first-round interview. The data from the self assessment and references provides a unique blended perspective that helps convince hiring managers of good candidates, and helps the interview panel conduct more personalized interviews and offer a better candidate experience.

Make hiring decisions with confidence

You can use day100 as a final confirmation before extending an offer by asking for a candidate self assessment and references. This gives you extra confidence in your hiring decision, and helps ensure that you don't get burned by a bad hire.

Because of day100, I feel more confident that I am talking to my best-fit candidates.

Scott Bieker, Hiring Manager

The references are without a doubt the most helpful aspect of the candidate’s profile.

Diana Chin, Head of HR