Candidate-job matching based on human data.

Custom candidate-job matching that finds the gems.

You know best your ideal candidate’s skills and your company’s culture. Our algorithm learns from you and efficiently applies your criteria to your candidate stack, ranking them to your specifications and highlighting your best-fit talent.

The data-driven dashboard saves time in selecting the right candidates, reduces bias in the hiring process and helps you avoid making a bad hire.

Based on holistic data from trustworthy referrers.

The people who know your candidates best are the ones who have worked with them. Using online questionnaires based on business psychology, we create holistic candidate profiles and match them to your own picture of the ideal hire. Like automated reference checking, but done right.

day100 give you long-term performance and culture-fit insight, allowing you to engage with candidates on a deeper level.

Does a resume do that for you?

Does a resume do that for you?

We work with your process.

day100 integrates with your applicant tracking system and can be used at any recruiting step you choose - the earlier, the better. This provides a seamless solution without disrupting your process.

Screen candidates upfront

When used as a next step right after candidates apply, day100 allows you to get the key insights upfront and easily identify the best-fit candidates from your pool, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Enhance your interview process

You can use day100 at any point in the interview process, such as after an initial phone screen or first-round interview. The day100 reference data provides a unique third-party perspective that helps the interview panel run more personalized interviews and offer a better candidate experience.

Make hiring decisions with confidence.

You can also use day100 as a traditional reference check before extending an offer. This gives you extra confidence in your hiring decision. Moreover you get unique insight into how to best enable the new hire to hit the ground running when they join your team.

Three simple steps.

List open position

Quickly describe the open position and the perfect candidate.

Add your candidates

Add your candidates directly through your ATS or by importing a file.

Evaluate and decide

Let day100 do the heavy-lifting, then come back to your dashboard of ranked candidates to see the best-fit ones.

Because of day100, I feel more confident that I am talking to my best-fit candidates.

Scott Bieker, Hiring Manager

The references are without a doubt the most helpful aspect of the candidate’s profile.

Diana Chin, Head of HR

We work with the best.

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