hire people, not paper.

day100 automates the process of sending self assessments and reference checks to candidates as you take them through your interview process.

Understand your hiring priorities

Bring the right questions to the intake meeting with the manager or hiring team that expose what's actually important to them (not just what they think it is).

Align on the priorities for the hire upfront so you can avoid surprises later — no more excuses for a manager to say someone isn't a fit "just because".

Truly get to know candidates

To understand your candidate's workplace preferences, and behavioral strengths and weaknesses, have both them and several people they've worked with go through quick, simple and mobile-friendly questionnaires powered by day100.

Specifically designed to be unbiased and non-leading so you can get an objective view of what it will be like to work with your candidate.

Decide intelligently with data

day100 analytics show you which of your candidates' profiles are closest to the hiring manager's & team's hiring priorities.

Deep dive into understanding your candidates as the individual people they are based on how they work best and what they value in the workplace.

Intelligence in action

day100 embeds seamlessly into your hiring process at each step of the way.

Understand candidate fit upfront

As candidates apply, day100 allows you to automatically request self assessments, integrated with your ATS. This saves you time and gets you key insights upfront, so you can easily identify the candidates that are most likely to succeed.

During the interview process

Use day100 during or after you interview to confirm what you heard, as well as provide more insight from a human qualities perspective. The data from day100 references provides an aggregate perspective that helps convince hiring managers of candidates who would be top performers, and could help the interview panel conduct more personalized interviews.

Make hiring decisions with confidence

Utilize day100 analytics as a final confirmation before extending an offer. This gives you extra confidence in your hiring decision, and helps ensure that you don't get burned by an unsuccessful hire because of a hiring mismatch.

Because of day100, I feel more confident that I am talking to my best-fit candidates.

Scott Bieker, Hiring Manager

The references are without a doubt the most helpful aspect of the candidate’s profile.

Diana Chin, Head of HR