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“Because of day100, I feel more confident that I am talking to my best-fit candidates.”


day100 allowed the ALICE team to reach both efficiency and better hiring results. With day100, they cut down on phone interviews by 50%, while improving the quality of the candidates that they engaged with.

ALICE uses day100 to screen candidates for Customer Success Associate and Customer Success Manager roles. The candidate engagement rate with the process was about 80%, which means that 80% of the candidates sourced through ALICE’s website responded to the request to provide references.

Out of hundreds of candidates, day100 highlighted about five percent as “exceptional fit” candidates and ten percent as “good fit” candidates, based on how well they fit with the required skillset and the company culture at ALICE.

The hiring managers were able to focus on only these candidates for a phone interview, selecting about 10% to phone screen, leading to a reduction of the overall time spent on the phone by 50%.


A New York tech startup looking to build a strong Customer Success team.

ALICE, which stands for A Life Improving Customer Experience, is a New York based technology company in the hospitality sector. Their innovative platform enables hotels to connect with their customers 24/7, resulting in improved revenue as well as enhanced efficiency of daily operations and task management.

Several hiring managers at ALICE use day100 to help them with their hiring process. One of them is Scott Bieker, VP of Business Operations, who is responsible for various aspects of product and customer success.


Due to limited information on candidates, the hiring managers were struggling with a very time-consuming and inefficient candidate screening process.

The recruiting process at ALICE used to start with the hiring managers reading the resumes and the cover letters of all the candidates, and then making a gut feeling call on whether to proceed with a phone screen. Generally, if anything sounded good on the resume, a phone screen would follow.

For every 100 resumes, about 20 candidates would be phone screened for an average of 30 minutes, and about 5 candidates would then be invited for an in-person interview. This process was very time-consuming.


With day100, it takes less time and effort to identify the best-fit candidates and to create a pipeline of engaged candidates for ongoing opportunities.

After implementing day100 for the hiring process in the Customer Success roles, the hiring managers state that it takes significantly less time and effort to get to a shortlist of best-fit candidates. Because of day100, there is also a higher confidence level that they are engaging with the best-fit candidates. The VP of Business Operations, Scott Bieker, adds that with the candidates highlighted by day100, “I have a greater perceived value that they are higher quality candidates.”

Addressing a potential concern that was discussed initially, Scott Bieker states that “the candidates that are good seem to complete the references process really quickly. So far no candidate that I considered good didn’t do the references process and didn’t complete it quickly.”

An additional benefit of day100 identified by the hiring managers is the ability to build a talent pipeline of highly engaged candidates who could be called on later to fill vacancies quickly. Candidates who provided their references were more likely to positively re-engage with ALICE several weeks or months after their initial contact.

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day100 enables the Comarch team to save significant screening time, identify their engaged candidates, and create a better interview experience for their candidates.