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“The references are without a doubt the most helpful aspect of the candidate’s profile.”


With day100, the Comarch team receives invaluable candidate data within 3 business days, confidently identifies their best-fit and most engaged candidates, and has reduced candidate interview dropout rate down to 0.

The HR team at Comarch states that day100 delivered tangible ROI by providing insightful references for their candidates within 3 business days from onboarding on day100.

Based on the day100 reference data, the Head of People was able to quickly and confidently select the exceptional-fit candidates to invite for a virtual interview. She states that the day100 references are the most informative candidate data in her selection process.

Not only the Head of People but also the hiring managers save significant time thanks to day100. Now they don’t experience any no-show candidates in the interview process, which had been an issue in the past. They attribute this change to day100, which has made them able to identify and select the most engaged candidates.


An international IT consultancy building a marketing and sales team in New York.

Founded in 1993, Comarch is an international software consultancy based in Poland and with an international presence. Comarch recently opened a new office in New York focusing on the financial services market and is now growing the local team, especially in the areas of marketing and sales.

Diana Chin leads Human Resources for Comarch in New York and is responsible for sourcing and identifying the right candidates to bring into the interview process. This includes several rounds of virtual interviews with hiring managers based in Poland and local in-person interviews.


Comarch had two key challenges: filtering through the high volume of applications, and selecting engaged candidates who would commit to the interview process.

For the entry-level marketing roles, over 350 applications per position were received over a one-month period. Not only was it difficult to identify the top candidates in the large volume of applications, but also the varying engagement of the candidates posed a challenge.

Several times the candidates that were selected for a virtual interview did not show up. This caused more than 45 minutes of lost recruiter time and hiring manager time that was spent preparing for the interview and blocking the calendar, leading to a lot of inefficiency.


“References show me the strong points, the weak points, and give me an understanding of how this person will hit the ground running when they start.”

Today, the Comarch Head of People uses day100 to identify her most engaged and best-fit candidates in a sea of hundreds of applications.

Diana Chin considers the day100 references the most helpful aspect of a candidate’s profile. Through references, she says that can clearly see the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, and can get a better understanding of how this candidate will perform when they join the team.

Another benefit is that now she is confident that she is considering and selecting highly-engaged and interested candidates. She says “if the candidate won’t submit references, then they definitely won’t go through 3 Skype interviews with the management team in Poland.” By having the candidates indicate references upfront, the whole team experiences a more efficient process with no time and effort lost due to no-show candidates.

Hiring managers have also shared positive feedback, highlighting that access to references for each candidate prior to the virtual interview gives them a much better idea of the candidate’s background, skills and personality. Through the reference information, they’re able to lead a more personalized interview which also improves the candidate experience during this process.

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