Assessing skills fit & culture add takes on a whole new meaning — when done right.

Use day100 for more confident and faster decision-making.



Tell day100 what the right fit for your team looks like.

When you start with day100, you’re first asked questions about your ideal hire. This only takes a few minutes and it covers hard skills, soft skills, personality traits and culture add, building up a holistic understanding of your ideal hire that is used for algorithmic matching.

Invite candidates to assess through day100.

Once you add your candidates - automatically through your ATS or manually - day100 handles the workflow that sends them an email asking them to either complete a self assessment and/or indicate their reference providers with day100. You just choose when during your recruiting process both those steps happen. Our suggestion: the earlier, the better.


day100 makes it easy for candidates and reference providers to respond to an online questionnaire.

day100 allows a candidate to complete a self assessment in less than 10 minutes online from any device. Later on, day100 sends out the online reference questionnaires via email to the reference providers indicated by the candidate. Reference providers can fill out the form on any device in at most 15 minutes at their most convenient time. The questions are specially-designed to get unbiased and job-relevant responses.

Human data and insights are ready for your review.

day100 analyzes the self assessment and reference answers and evaluates the candidates’ to your position's requirements. Come back and review the best-fit candidates that day100 highlights.

With our recruiting analytics, optimize your efficiency and hire for performance potential and culture add quickly and confidently.


Technical features.

While day100 fully automates the assessment process, you have the ability to handcraft your own messaging at every step to make sure it's aligned with your brand. You can also choose not to share your company name with the reference providers of your candidates or allow your candidates to choose how transparent they want to be with their reference providers.

Control the candidate experience

With day100, candidates and reference providers are able to provide thoughtful, yet unbiased quantitative and qualitative feedback on candidates, and we present all this information to you in order to enable the best decision-making.

Detailed, human insight reporting

day100 offers quantitative and qualitative data from reference providers in a structured format, which makes it easy to analyze and compare across candidates with day100's dashboard.

Structured and analytical dashboard

Your time is valuable, so we give you immediate and actionable insights based on the data. day100 scores all your candidates based on how well they match your ideal candidate profile, and ranks them in your dashboard. This way you can focus on your best-fit talent right away.

Algorithmic scoring and ranking

A seamless user experience is key to our high rates of candidate and reference provider engagement; both can complete the process in a few minutes directly on their phones. For recruiters too, the platform is intuitive, easy to learn, and is mobile-friendly.

Mobile-friendly and easy to use

The day100 platform is as robust as it is flexible to your needs. We will integrate with your ATS and provide valuable insights at any step of your recruiting process as needed.

Integration with your process and ATS


You can use day100 at any stage of the recruiting process, but we've found that the earlier in the recruiting process you use day100, the more benefits you get.
Screen candidates once they apply.

Use day100 early in your process, so you can have these valuable insights to help your decision-making right from the start.

Screening Stage

Screen candidates once they apply.

Interview Stage

Get data during the interview process.
Get data during the interview process.

Or use day100 to gather in-depth data so that you can faciliate an effective and personalized interview.
Confirm that you're making a great hire.

Or you can use day100 as a final assessment to ensure a good hiring decision and enable a smooth onboarding experience.

Offer Stage

Confirm that you're making a great hire.

day100 works better when you use it together with your ATS. These are our standard integrations.

and adding more integrations - tell us which to add next!

We are here to make things easy.

Starting is quick & easy. It only takes a few minutes to set up, there’s minimal training required, and we’re dedicated to your success with incredible customer support.

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